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Site Maintenance

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  • Schedule Chats and Topics 
  • Add all Pai Sho contacts to G+ and to the Gmail account address book (from all sources)
  • Post content to LG G+ stream - Which content? rulesets?
  • Use Gmail calendar for scheduling events and reminders.
  • Explore Tumblr as a possible Blog option for future use.



  1. Update Members List  
  2. Analyze Test Games
  3. Join fan sites as LG  
  4. Add tiles to Tile Gallery Page


Assigned to Cyril

  1. Review R120+ 
  2. Review overview and tutorial data.
  3. Introduce LG teams to members
    1. Waiting on Osuji's reviewed email 
  4. Maintain Blog Tutorial
  5. Update news page
  6. Tweet latest changes 
  7. Update Side Bar with current discussions 
  8. Compare 1.0 "before and after" tile images   (<-- What is this?)


Assigned to Osuji

  1. Maintain 1.0 rules
    1. Add notated moves to the sample game instead of just using an outline
    2. check with friends who are native speakers about best Chinese or Japanese names/phrases for garden paths, and adopt their recommendation in the rules
  2. Email FAQs to Cyril
  3. Online Ideas
    1. Create a general demo for all LG
    2. Create separate card decks for each color
    3. Investigate Xsplit and Twitch TV for broadcast and recording
    4. Investigate Google hangouts for recording game sessions
    5. Investigate YouTube for posting video tutorials
  4. Prioritize Software specs
    1. Kind of like Pseudo Code but deciding which features need to be done first
  5. Collect a list of fan sites  
  6. Add Tags to all pages
  7. Structure XML for Tiles
  8. Devise a request access page
    1. For tournaments
    2. More complete and thought out than our current system
    3. This task is more about defining the standard than implementing the code
  9. Continue to experiment with LG logo, banner, and icon designs
    1. Expand 4 color rectangle and spell out Lotus Gambit
    2. Use Lotus Tile for the "O" in Lotus
    3. Make Tile image larger on the striped lotus tile
  10. Create printable tile sheets
    1. First attempt is complete with color lazer printer but ink is fragile when labels are peeled away
    2. Second attempt needed with Ink Jet
  11. Update Pai Sho Software pages to make apps easier to find.
    1. This hasn't been updated since Harindu's second version and finding the actual apps was difficult for newer items, and some links are absent even from the app pages and QA pages
    2. Rename app files so they can be identified by author. 


Assigned to Harindu

  1. Test the Share link on the main page
    1. Determine how to make the footer load last - Osuji san: add defer="defer" to script tag
    2. Checked Twitter and Facebook. Others look like they will work because i don't have accounts of them. I guess there is a problem direct using Email box.
  2. Explore making a live editable Game Record for potential blog use

                       I think a  google Spreadsheet  will do that. And it also have a chat function inside it. And I don't think we need iframe it in another page


Assigned to The White Lotus

  1. Maintain Glossary. (With great thanks for all the effort to date!) 


Joint Effort

  1. Plan Tournament or similar event



Comments (2)

Harindu said

at 11:40 am on Jun 30, 2012

I like to point out that managing member list is not appropriate for members who aren't administrators because they even don't know how many members in the group or their names

Osuji said

at 7:46 pm on Jul 1, 2012

That is correct. The only part of the members list that a non-admin should be editing is their own profile information. The rest should be managed by an admin. But the point of this page is for Admins to list items that need to be addressed so they don't go unaddressed or unassigned. So if any of these items were to be assigned to someone else they would be removed from the list here or noted as part of a team responsibility or added to the members list as an individually assigned task or responsibility.

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