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Members Guide

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Cyril: This is an introduction on How to Participate on Lotusgambit.


Topics List



Adding Member Data

Add yourself to the Members List.

For easier communication, set up an AIM account and install the AIM client (or an AIM compatible client) on your computer; please refrain from using the in-browser client as it is known to run unreliably.

Add your AIM and Email address to your profile (and -optionally - to your entry on the Members List) so we have a way to contact you for live discussions or other direct contact if we need to ask for your specific contribution. You can also add a personal icon to your profile, and your AIM account. Keep in mind that the Members List is public, so don't add any sensitive data.



Posting and Commenting

The general idea of how a discussion should be conducted can be explained with this example:

Instead of spamming the comment box like on PaiShoProject, we'll use the article itself for conversation. So if I want to say something, I'll edit the page and put my name at the beginning of my comment. After I add my comment I insert a horizontal line at the end of the text. Finally I select the text in my comment and change it to the color I usually comment in. like this:

FH: Iroh is cool! Blablabla

Osuji: No, actually he's awesome. Blablablabla.

Cyril: Indeed so. Now, back to topic. What about putting the idea like....blablabla

As soon as we have an agreement, Osuji or someone else will write it down into the main rules article. The "discussion pages" are only for discussion.

Note also that pages that are placed in the "Resources" folder are in most cases meant as raw information. Please do not discuss on those pages, although you can comment on the in the comment box.



Opening New Pages

When opening new pages, please note these outlines: 

    • All members are encouraged to open new pages for general discussions, for resource materials, for test games etc, as the need arises.
    • Pages that don't discuss a topic, but rather state material, are put into the Resources folder. Discussion there should be minimal.
    • Pages that discuss a certain matter in context with the ruleset (like new ideas, concepts etc) are normally put into the Rules Discussions folder.

As you can see, the LG folder structure is a bit more sophisticated than just that, but it should be easy to determine where a new article is supposed to go. When necessary, Administrators will move pages to their proper place.  

If you think we need a discussion page on a specific topic you can request for the appropriate rule version on the "Administration request" page. An administrator will open the discussion if the topic is indeed in need of discussion.



Publishing Test Games

As soon as you are familiar with the material in the Members Guide and have read the current test rules, you might want to play and publish test games.

For doing so, please follow the code:

  1. Refer to the current Rules page and annotate your game as explained there under the "Game Notation" section
  2. Use the form presented on the Game Record Template Page 
  3. Once finished, create a page and upload your game to the following folder:
    • Rules --> Test Games
  4. Name your page like in the following example:
    • LGPS r138 Test Game 015 (Cyril vs. PSProg)
    • "LGPS" stands for "Lotus Gambit Pai Sho"; followed by the number of the rule version (you can look this up on the rules page by clicking "Page History", then checking how many revisions there have been, and taking that number); then the number of the game (if there are 013 games uploaded and yours is next, then it's number 014; just check the already available games to get your number); lastly (in brackets) a short descrption, like who played, or just how many players ("2 player"), or even a descriptive title for the game (e.g. "Rhod Sacrifices").

For a more telling example, refer to the above-mentioned test game HERE.



Reporting Flaws

If you encounter something you'd call a gameplay flaw (for example if you think a specific tile is too powerful): We have a page for that, which can be found under Rules -> Pai Sho Ruleset - Comments Page. Or shout it out in one of the ongoing discussions, if it has something to do with the topic. You can also discuss it directly with another member over AIM.



General Questions

If you have any questions, consider the following options:

    • If you have problems understanding a specific term, try your luck in the Glossary (found under "Ressources")
    • If the Glossary doesn't help or the definition is not filled in try using the "Search this workspace" box. It can be found on the upper right of all pages. This will lead you to pages where the term was used, and hopefully an explanation.
    • If your question has something to do with an active discussion topic, post it there and speak the words.
    • If your question is about something new or just an idea you can post it to the current Chat Page (filed under General Discussions --> Chat Pages).
    • Or you can leave a comment using the comment box on the Main Page.
    • You can always contact an Admin (me! or Osuji if I'm not available) by email or AIM.
    • You can also "contact the workspace owner" (me!) by using the button at the bottom of all pages 



Admin Requests

As Writers, you can't do fancy things like moving pages etc. For such things administrators (me! or Osuji if I'm not available) exist. If you want a page to be moved/deleted, or report site problems of any kind etc, go HERE and just speak the words.



Complaints and Abuse

This should be very rare and will probably never happen but just in case we have a process in place to deal with it. If you have a problem with a post by another member and feel the need to report it contact one of the administrators directly via Email or private AIM. If you have an issue with one of the administrators please contact the other administrator directly to discuss it. Please do not take these matters up directly on one of the discussion pages as this is likely to distract from the topic and invite an argument. Personal / verbal attacks are in poor taste and uncalled for on LG. Repeated or continuous abuse will not be tolerated. But I'm sure you knew that.


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Osuji said

at 1:13 pm on Mar 18, 2012

Nice addition Cyril! I was thinking that there should be something like this.

Cyril said

at 2:21 pm on Mar 18, 2012

Actually, you requested this page on "Page classification and folders".

Osuji said

at 2:44 am on Mar 19, 2012

lets just call this the "Members Guide".

Berk said

at 10:53 pm on Nov 6, 2012

Really Helpful

Cyril said

at 3:42 pm on Nov 7, 2012

Thanks, I hoped it would be.

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