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Administration Requests

Page history last edited by Cyril 9 years, 4 months ago

Edit this page to ask the site administrator to address any of the following issues

  • Move a page or a folder
  • Delete a page, file, folder, or comment
  • Report any technical problems with the site
  • Make structural or organizational suggestions to improve the site 
  • Request a change in access rights 
  • Report abuse (unlikely but not impossible) 


* For issues you don't wish to voice publically please contact the administrator of the site directly at his email address.


Osuji: Hey Cyril. I created a Rules folder but it got created under the resources folder by mistake. Please delete it or move it since I don't seem to have permission.

Cyril: That's true, only Administrators can move pages. I moved it. This page here seems useful, but for this kind of things, I originally had the Chat page in mind (also for not-Paisho-related things and ones about the workspace). It's no problem, though. Maybe this is better. 

Osuji: Sorry about that. I created this page because I thought it would be a better way to keep things organized and make it clear how to make these sorts of requests. I also thought the Chat page was just for conversation between members who were online at the same time. This was based on your first comment on the chat page: "So this is a chat when two people are online at the same time, be it by chance or arranged. Hello there? ^^"


I was actually going to suggest you move the chat page to the General Discussion folder because it seem to be meant for online general discussions.

Osuji: As expected all this activity and the general discussions have started to add clutter. We should think about archiving some of the general stuff that isn't getting commented, I think we are also seeing something similar with the resources section. I've been thinking of the open discussions as a sort of planning and testing area, but the general discussions more about brainstorming the possibilities. The resources folder should probably just contain resources like a list of elemental symbols, pictures what have you, but the pages in there shouldn't contain any explaination or commentary because it distracts too much from the purpose, namely to provide information rather than explanation or discussion of the information. This is probably the right place to put a glossary too were it not for the discussion/commentary aspect to some of the resource pages. We don't want to have the glossary lost 7 letters down in the alphabetical list. Some of the top level pages should also be moved or deleted. Game notation, things for players to agree on before hand and unused Ideas don't seem to fit as top level pages anymore. And finally I'd suggest changing the news page to just "News" so it stands out as what it is. 

Cyril: Yes, these seem logical. I moved two pages from Resources to General discussions, and also the Unused Ideas and Notation pages to Resources based on your definition as a kind of archive for useful information. I furthermore deleted the To Agree Beforehand page, I guess we don't really need it, but I have it saved, so if you want to maintain it, just speak the words. The News page was renamed properly.

Osuji: The current state of the 1.0 rules is way out of date due largely to the nice increase in participation of late. This means that all members may not be aware of the current state of rule design and have no simple way to bring themselves up to speed without rereading the past discussions. So I'd like some time to get them in shape before discovering yet more changes need to be made.


The second area in need of house keeping is the Glossary. We have been inventing terms and concepts left and right but no one has been adding them to the Glossary. (And who really has had the time?) So it would be nice if someone could volunteer to take on that task. The first step would be to re-read ALL of the discussions (open, closed, general, resource pages, etc basically the whole site) and highlight any terms, concepts, phrases, abbreviations, etc that someone who had never heard of Pai Sho would not understand. (Use Pink, Green, or Blue for the highlighter color since yellow is already in use on the rules page to call out areas that need to be updated). Once the entire site has been audited for terms that should go into the Glossary the same person or someone else can start adding them to the glossary. To keep it simple just add the text to be defined in alphabetical order. As words are added to the glossary the highlighting can be removed from the individual pages. Once all the highlighting has been removed we can add definitions to the Glossary.


The third area is to review the rules after my updates both for glossary terms and for errors, discontinuities, and areas that need more refinement. 

Cyril: I am currently marking terms for the glossary in BLUE. I guess I can add them to the page, but the phrasing of the definitions falls into another's hands, for I'm not very exceptional when it comes to nice English phrasing.

Osuji: I'd like to request a 1.0 discussion about the Torii. We define it. We say it can be used to enter flower tiles but how tiles enter and exit is not well defined.

Cyril: I good idea, I guess I forgot that. I'll the page as soon as I am online with better hardware.

Osuji: as discussions get closed we should have a general practice of highlighting new information, and adding those concepts directly into the glossary with definitions if possible. Once added we could then take away the highlighting. I'd like to suggest a softer shade of blue for better contrast and ease of reading like maybe this one or this one. I think I like the lightest color best. By making this the regular process it will eliminate lots of work piling up.

Kutai: Not exactly a request, but I thought I'd ask: is there any reason we really need the Twitter feed and Chatango box in the Sidebar? The majority of my attention generally goes into the "Recent Activity" pane, which is forced down about a page-and-a-half by the presence of those two feeds - it makes navigating the site considerably more cumbersome, for me. I can absolutely understand wanting to have them, but is the Sidebar really the ideal place? Are those things we really need to see every time we load a page - or would they be better off on the Frontpage, so we can simply see them updated whenever we visit the site?

Cyril: The two widgets were Harindu's idea. While I find the twitter one very useful, I have to agree that the more important window (the activity one) gets out of sight. I suggest the following: I will switch the order of activity panel and SideBar for now. But it see that the topic maybe requires further discussion about using widgets in general. Feel free to open such a general discussion if you feel the need.

Harindu: I see there is no much use of chatango app so i will remove that. But i think its good to have twitter app.

PS-Prog: Hello Cyril / Osuji san, could one of you please remove any .png file that starts with "Pai Sho Screenshot" from the Software folder? (They aren't needed anymore and they are wasting space ^^) 

Cyril: I did. There were four of them, if I'm not mistaken.

PS-Prog: Did you check the other page? There are still some of them in that folder. 

Cyril: Oh yes, sorry. I think I found them all now.

PS-Prog: I have noticed several things that have been partially made but not yet introduced on administrative level. For example, the members guide has got a "Define your role in LG" section which is unused, the Members List looks like it's not finished (needs some cleanup). Also, many page titles haven't got right spelling, punctuation or capitals (e.g. "Members Guide" and "Members list", "Glossry I-L" missing 'a', and "54th discussion Harmony Points and the Harmony Chain Mechanic" doesn't have the " - ".


The home page has got an image, but it looks kinda ugly (low resolution, so you see blurry pixels everywhere). That should be changed to a higher resolution, and if you ask me, something with more rustic colors.

Cyril: About the image, I do agree. It gives our main page a kind of questionable impression. It was added about a year ago when we were all about "make our page more accessible to beginners", but if you ask me, we should just remove it.

About the various spelling errors, these might come from the fact that I'm not a native English speaker. I like that you point these out; would you like me to grant you admin access for a short time so that you can fix those typos for us? That would be great.

And about the Roles idea, it was a concept by Osuji aiming for a more efficient distribution of task among the LG members, like maintaining the glossary (which we don't need anyway), testplaying etc. I guess it just turned out that we don't need a sophisticated task system as we are so few active members. So it's not really an up-to-date idea and will maybe be removed soon.

About the members list, I agree that it gives the impression of being unfinished, but as far as I know it serves its purpose. Every active member has information displayed there, and since we are only three at the moment you can always ask directly via AIM.

PS-Prog: It would be a honor to do that :). Just give me administrative rights for a day and I will try to fix most of them. About the spelling errors, they are mainly written-too-fast errors (e.g. missing a letter). The image at the home page does however give the website a more 'homelike' feeling, so I would like to update it to a high-resolution icon of LG, which is a bit more rustic in colors (red, brown, yellow... soft colors). Without it may look too business-like.

Is it allowed for me to clean up the members list? All info will of course remain.

Cyril: Looks really good so far. Feel free to clean up wherever you like, haha!

PS-Prog: Sooo... What about the main page? Would you like to join me in chat in AIM for discussion about it? I would greatly appreciate it, and I think the LG website will too ^_^

Cyril: I am on my way.

Inferno_Master: I created a dud building a Pai Sho board in the 3d Models Folder. It has a doc in it asking for the whole folder to be deleted. Would you mind deleting that folder and it's contents because I have a newer and better version that is higher up in the file tree.

Cyril: Well you asked for it, no guarantees. The folder is gone.



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