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An important message to all members:


As most of you already know, I plan to go on vacation on September 2nd, from which I will return at the end of the month.

This gives us the opportunity and pretext to try an experiment. 


During my absence, I will check LG more or less regularily, but I won't comment or take part in discussions, partly because I won't have suitable devices available, and partly because I might want to take a break. While I'm away in this manner, Osuji will replace me as Lieutenant Commanding and rule change discussion will continue normally. Until I return, you are allowed, in fact you are specifically encouraged, to take matters into your own hands and discuss proposed changes independently from me, which includes agreeing on and implementing rule changes without my consent, even if it is openly known that I would object them.


Your goal will be to have a fully functional and playable rule system based on the ideas from 59th finished by the end of September. When I return, I will evaluate the system and compare the gameplay feel to the current revision (r138). This will lead to a decision whether we continue from that point, or revert to the current ruleset and start over from there.


This radical measure is supposed to give Osuji, who is convinced that his ideas from 59th have potential to work and satisfy, enough time to flesh them out and - together with the other members - create a playable and testable rule system around them for me to evaluate, without having to deal with conservative comments all the time. However, it is essential for this experiment to work that you don't hesitate to implement controversial rule ideas against my original opinion. Only through actively agreeing on changes you will be able to complete a provocatively different rule system that we can use as a base to testplay and eventually go further, or conclude that the current revision is a better idea.


Have fun. I'll catch you later when I return, Cyril




Welcome to Lotus Gambit!

Pai Sho players from all over the world have gathered here with one goal: to create standardized rules for Pai Sho that are intuitive and easy to understand for players of all skill levels. All visitors are welcome to explore the site and read the discussions but only members will be able to participate in the discussions or comment on the pages.


Our rule set in its current state can be found here --> Pai Sho V1_0


If you would like to participate in this effort and become a member click request access.




Site Tasks

As LG grows so does the effort required to maintain it and keep it up-to-date. We will use this section to let everyone know what kind of help we need by asking for volunteers to take on various responsibilities.

We are looking for help with these tasks

This is a list of things that need to be done but for which no one has (as yet) volunteered


Glossary Editor

We need someone to mark new terms in the active discussions and add them and their definitions to the Glossary in alphabetical order. They should start with the 31st discussion as well as any other pages modified since the 31st was created. Make sure also to look at any comments in the comment section on the bottom of each page too.


Public Ambassador

This person would be our representative on sites beyond PSP and LG. They would actively search the web for any reference to Pai Sho. They would join any fan sites and social networks in order to participate in Pai Sho related discussions there, referring them to LG for a clear set of rules or to participate in our process here. They would also create a Lotus Gambit presence on social sites that would link back to LG.


Play Testers

We need people to play test various opening ideas and game strategies, posting them on LG so they can be studied for the benefit of all members as well as Pai Sho players everywhere. Posting games can be done all at once or a move at a time. Play testers would also update the flaw pages so that areas of concern in the rules can be tracked and corrected. Currently Osuji and Cyril are the only members posting test games. More testing would help us develop the rules faster.


General Maintenance

We need someone to review all past discussions (probably using Firefox which underlines misspelled words in red) to look for spelling errors and correct them, when in doubt consulting a dictionary.


General Research

Often we have details that are half remembered from ATLA but which need verification, or at times we are looking to confirm or add minor details from other sources. We need someone willing to check up on things like this so they don't get forgotten due to active discussions taking up most of our time.



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